Why Property Matters

When clients review their full financial picture and look for options to help them to meet their objectives, it seems perplexing to leave the largest investment asset class, direct real estate, out of the discussion.

Unfortunately for clients of many of our largest competitors, this is exactly what occurs. Because of a lack of know-how, expertise or pure preference for other investments- direct property is the one thing many advisers will avoid discussing with clients. We think this leaves clients with advice that is not as broad nor as suitable as it could be.

Our key advantage is our broad product and service offering. Nothing gets left out of the discussion with our clients and every investment class is openly reviewed and assessed as a legitimate option. Due to our history and expertise in property, Newhaven RE enjoys the confidence of clients who view a bricks and mortar investment as right for their objectives, budget and personality. There is no doubt that Investors in Australia have always seen property as a safe option when investing.

The key attributes of real estate include:

  • A physical asset
  • An asset you can access equity in for further investment or other financial purposes
  • An investment you can gear into at a greater scale- allowing you to use small equity amounts to purchase large volume investments
  • A performance that has been consistent
  • Income that is passive
  • Tax savings when geared correctly