About Newhaven R.E

Newhaven RE specialises in assisting first time and experienced investors find the best property for their investment purposes. Our senior team has a combined 50 year history of successful direct property investment in the residential property markets.

We serve over a growing client base of over 1,500 property investors throughout Australia and are part of real estate purchases valued at A$25m+ each calendar year. We ensure that every property we source for clients meets our strict standards and has a strong business case behind it. We only endorse property that has been developed and built by those in the industry that we know share our respect for investors and their tenants, demand for high quality workmanship and longevity of the assets’ performance. Purchasers are provided with finance brokerage and conveyancing and we also partner with local rental agents so that your investment is managed by experienced professionals. We believe in a square deal for our clients. Acting ethically and minimising conflict of interest is at the heart of our business.

Our Objective

The objective of Newhaven R.E is to provide high quality information and services that will allow clients to acquire a direct property investment that is best suited to their goals and circumstance.

The objective of the selected residential investment property is to achieve long term capital appreciation, an income to partially cover costs, and to provide tax benefits.

The objective of the selected commercial investment property is to provide a long term rental yield above six percent per annum that is increased at or above the rate of the CPI in fixed increments per annum as well to provide tax benefits and marginal asset appreciation.

Our People are Leaders

When a client needs an answer, we have to be able to respond fast. That’s our competitive advantage. Leaders don’t wait for an answer from headquarters. They don’t rely solely on policy manuals at that “moment of truth” when they have to come through for their clients.
Leaders consider themselves equal partners in a team effort to achieve our vision. When the team needs help, leaders pitch in just like everyone else. They’re involved.

Leaders are hands on and available. They take personal ownership of a client’s problem and don’t let go until that problem is solved. No one tells them to do it. It’s instinctive.

At Newhaven we develop all of our team, across all levels of the company, to be Leaders. It is what makes our people great, our company a leader in its field and what keeps our clients coming back.

Better Service

When our people are in the right jobs, spending time on the right things, leading well, feeling good about their contributions, fully using their skills, learning new things and having fun; they’ll do what’s right for the client. When our team are properly supported, rewarded, encouraged and recognised, they’re even more satisfied with their jobs and are providing even better service for our clients.


We are a relationship company, but our relationships with our clients are only as strong as our relationships with each other.

We want every team member to be able to say, “I chose the right company. I’m valued. I’m rewarded. I’m recognised. I work hard, but I have fun, too. I can improve my professional skills here. I can reach my career goals. I enjoy my work.”

Our success has as much to do with attitude as aptitude—it’s what’s in our hearts, not just our heads.

Our success depends on how much our team member’s care for each other, for their clients and their communities.

Our clients know when they are dealing with Newhaven People.